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Remember When You Believed Your Idea Or Dream Could Change The World?

Have you gotten so caught up in figuring out how to market your business the “right way” you found yourself overwhelmed and your dream muddied? What if a simple mindset reset could help you realign your vision, refine your expectations and revive that dream?

There is an ocean of greater opportunities, reward and impact waiting for you when you decide to run your business with God.

The key to the success and significance you dream of is to put Him in the position of “Owner” of the business, and fully embrace yours as His CEO.

For two decades, Katie Hornor has been teaching how to make business and marketing decisions with faith, clarity and purpose empowering God’s people to live out your best worship doing what He has called you and uniquely equipped you to do. Katie’s framework teaches how to realign your mindset and business practices with God’s Word, so you no longer operate in fear of lack or criticism, but in confidence and powerful intention.


With inspiration from the quirky pink flamingo, Katie tackles the greatest myths Christians believe about marketing, helping you rediscover truths that allow you to leverage your uniqueness while staying relevant in your field of expertise.The world needs more believers in the marketplace who will boldly and kindly choose to walk with God, stand in truth, and embrace your unique Flamingo Advantage® to change the world. Read this book to discover how to be one of them.

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International Speaker and Online Business Coach, KATIE HORNOR, has an eye for the unique and a heart to champion believers in business whose message will change the world.

Katie and her husband of 19 years, Tap Hornor, are missionary advocates, expats of 15+ years, self-taught entrepreneurs and Christian business mentors since 2014. Over nearly a decade of coaching, Katie's come to realize that most Christian business owners, like the flamingos, seem oblivious to how special, and fabulous they are which results in running their business governed by the fear of man, feelings of inadequacy, or sabotaged by comparison and indecision.

Katie’s inspirational story of ex-missionary to six-figure expat business owner began over 12 years ago at her kitchen table while balancing a baby on her lap. In 2022, she was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch by FOX, NBC and CBS. Katie’s Master's degree in Education and teaching experience in different fields has distinguished her as a leader in the world of online courses and curriculum development.

Having studied under some of the biggest names in the speaker, influencer & online marketing space, Katie has been welcomed on their stages and has quickly become the go-to resource for her "experience first" and “business as worship” methods and mindset.

The key to her success begins with submitting all to the knowledge and leading of God as the Owner of her business, while implementing systems for mastery, then iterating and always including an element of fun and a view towards legacy impact.

Katie’s Bible-based marketing and student experience strategies have helped clients double their income, let their spouses retire, and create businesses they enjoy - all without compromising their faith, their family or their values.



"...Katie has given us the guide to change the world."

“In I Corinthians 3, The Apostle Paul expresses concern about having the ability to speak freely from the Lord if he was being paid by those people hearing his preaching. Thus, to maintain that freedom, he chose to continue providing for his personal needs by doing “secular” work he was gifted in doing. Surely he was “called” to ministry yet he did not abdicate his abilities to support himself. Like Paul, we can choose to see our work as our best vehicle for ministry. We fulfill our calling by using the work gifts God has given us. Katie has given us the guide to change the world - as we are blessed to be a blessing.”

Dan Miller,

"I love that Katie uses God's Word over contemporary best practices..."

“The revelation of what God’s definition of success is as it relates to business and marketing and how it’s so much different than what I thought it was changed my business. I appreciate so much the Scripture that Katie pulls from in her teaching to inform our beliefs from God’s Word rather than solely contemporary best practices.”

Nancy Todd,

"I found biblical backing for selling & earning money in what Katie teaches here..."

“As a pastor’s wife and missionary on the field, I had the typical ministry mindset that made it hard for me not to give everything away. I was looking for biblical backing to help me be comfortable with earning money and I found it in what Katie teaches here.”

Terrie Yandall
Pastor's wife

"This taught me the difference in doing business with God vs. for God."

“Katie taught me the difference between doing business for God and doing business with God and I’m thrilled to see this powerful content coming out now in The Flamingo Advantage®. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.”

Kathy Burrus,

"This message is groundbreaking!"

“The Flamingo Advantage® will change your life. This message is ground breaking. We’ve been taught to keep business in a separate pocket from spiritual life, and yet the truth is God wants to use all of us every moment. I cannot recommend it enough."

Brenda Parmelee,

"Katie is... rooted in Christ and savvy in business."

“Katie is a wonderful coach; rooted in Christ and savvy in business. Her courses and coaching have hugely benefitted me over the last few years and I am so excited to see her foundational materials coming out in this book!”

Danielle Tate,