INTRODUCING: A Best-Selling Guide For Christian Business

Breakthrough Time:

How To Blend Faith & Business With Integrity

You Were Not Created To Blend In...

And the sooner you embrace who YOU ARE, the better off you'll be in your personal, spiritual and business life. You were born to walk tall, be unique and fulfill your purpose in bold color!

This Christian Business Guide looks to the Creator's most unique bird to teach timeless truths, Biblical principles, and practical applications about success in business.

By the end of this book you will have
– New understanding as to your identity in Christ
– Boldness to be you, unapologetically
– Clarity on your purpose in the Body of Christ, and in the workplace

And a new appreciation for God's funky, comical birds, and, of course, the fabulous color pink.


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International Speaker and Online Business Coach, KATIE HORNOR, has an eye for the unique and a heart to champion believers in business whose message will change the world.

Katie and her husband of 19 years, Tap Hornor, are missionary advocates, expats of 15+ years, self-taught entrepreneurs and Christian business mentors since 2014. Over nearly a decade of coaching, Katie's come to realize that most Christian business owners, like the flamingos, seem oblivious to how special, and fabulous they are which results in running their business governed by the fear of man, feelings of inadequacy, or sabotaged by comparison.

After talking to the hundreds of her clients and students who've gone through her annual "Doing Business, with God" course, Katie realized that boldness to be uniquely YOU and not feel out of alignment with your faith in a secular marketplace only comes by changing your beliefs and your thinking about the God who created you for and called you to your work. After a family trip to see the fabulous flamingos of the Yucatán, the analogies started coming and Faith Like Flamingos™ was born.

As Founders of Tap & Katie believe #YourMessageMatters and are dedicated to training believers who are coaches and course business owners to package your unique genius and grow it into a business for God's glory and for legacy impact.



"...Katie has given us the guide to change the world."

Faith Like Flamingos is a surprising flower of uniqueness in a desert of mediocrity. A whimsical work of art that delivers a serious message. The good news: you can be your amazing, one-of-a-kind self, stand out from the crowd, refuse to compromise your values … and STILL succeed wildly. This book is your guide.

Ray Edwards,

"This needs be on every business owner’s "must read" list..."

Owning a business as a Christian can be a daunting experience. Not knowing when to be bold and when to be meek is such a struggle. In Faith Like Flamingos, Katie reaches the heart of the entrepreneur and reassures you that it’s okay to embrace the gifts God has given you and share them with the world. It’s okay to be exuberant and full of life, while pursuing your passion. This book should be on every business owner’s "must read" list.

Stephanie Eidson,

"Encouraging, Heartwarming & Practical..."

With the creativity of an artist and the business acumen of a seasoned pro, Katie has written an encouraging book for entrepreneurs that is both practical and heartwarming. A big high-five to you Katie for a great book! And my highest recommendation of Faith Like Flamingos for all those who want to walk by faith in the marketplace.

Matt Tommey,

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